Oregon Data Community provides opportunities for SQL Server developers, .NET and other developers accessing SQL Servers, SQL Server administrators, and Business Intelligence professionals to meet and discuss SQL Server technologies that are of specific interest to the developer community. Discussion topics include ‘Best Practices’, T-SQL code, Query Optimization, Reporting, ETL, Indexing, and new (as well as undiscovered ‘old’) features.
Oregon Data Community is an official chapter of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), an independent, not-for-profit association committed to providing SQL Server professionals around the world with the resources and knowledge necessary to achieve unparalleled business results.Click here to sign up to receive the Oregon Data Community News and Meeting Announcements and be kept informed of meeting dates and discussion topics. We do not provide our mailing list to anyone for any purpose other than meeting notices and general announcements for the User Group.LinkedIn: Join the Oregon SQL group for networking in the Portland, northwestern Oregon, and southwestern Washington areas.Twitter: Follow @OregonSQL

Oregon Data Commnunity Leadership Team