Why Post on the Oregon SQL Website?

You are often faced with the challenge of finding the right qualified candidate for a position. You send emails to your contact list. You place notices in company newsletters and on the company website. Perhaps you advertise on Craigslist, or a newspaper. Maybe you send notices to one or more public distribution lists of technology folks in the area.

You’re blindly firing a shotgun in the air hoping that a duck will fly by at the right moment.

Often, highly qualified candidates are employed and will not register on your company website. They will not want to have emails from recruiters coming to their company mailbox. It’s even possible that the right candidate isn’t even actively looking. So how do you best reach a pool of qualified candidates?

The Oregon SQL User Group offers you a targeted approach to finding qualified candidates that work with SQL Server –whether a DBA, a SQL developer, a Business Intelligence/Reporting specialist –even application developers that have significant SQL Server experience. And from entry to advanced skill levels. The Oregon SQL website has a Jobs page and encourages posting of openings that have a significant SQL Server related component. The Oregon SQL website has a significant readership, averaging over a thousand page reads each month –professionals with a targeted interest in SQL Server, professionals from all over Oregon and southwest Washington. The Oregon SQL monthly meetings are well attended by folks hoping to gain information and improve their skills and thereby their employability. Research indicates that those investing time to improve their skills are most likely the ‘best’ candidates. Additionally, visiting the Oregon SQL website to find out about the next meeting provides cover for a quick check of the job market.

So, when you have a position that requires significant SQL Server expertise –think of Oregon SQL. Visit the site and check it out. (There are no charges to post your offering.) http://osql-d.org/jobs You can be sure that your offering is seen by the largest audience of potential qualified candidates.