SQLSaturday Oregon Speaker Information

You are invited to submit a session abstract for SQLSaturday Oregon, which will take place in Portland on November 3rd.  We are  always trying to ‘up our Game’ with SQLSaturday Oregon, and we want to give you enough information about how you can join with us in making SQLSaturday Oregon another memorable and fun event. (Please limit your submissions to your 3 best abstracts that align with our Theme, Topics, and Needs.)

  • Our primary Theme this year is ‘Back to Basics’. We encourage you to consider offering a session that is specifically oriented to the data professional that may be just beginning with a specific area of technology. (Levels 100/200)
  • We are going to have better ‘Track’ names/descriptors. Please select the one that best fits your session. We encourage you to review the *Track List below.
  • While not mandatory, we encourage offering a 2-4 minute ‘Intro’ video about your session. We did that last year, and it received great reviews. If you commit to offering an Intro Video, please add ‘[VIDEO]’ at the end of your Session Title. You do NOT have to provide videos until your session is accepted. Review last year’s videos for ideas and inspiration. (Videos will need to be received by Oct 22.)
  • We especially encourage a few ‘Train the Trainer’ type sessions oriented to High School and Community College Teachers. Young people need our help to start embracing Data in their future careers.

In past few years, SQLSaturday Oregon has experienced more candidate speakers submitting than there are available speaking slots. The above items may factor into the Session Selection process.

We encourage you to submit a Lightning Talk abstract. Those not selected for a regular session will be offered ‘first option’ for the Lightning Talks. (15 minutes on any data related topic.) Lightning Talk Speakers are invited to the Friday evening Speaker Dinner.

We are looking for 3-4 outstanding Pre-Con Topics and Speakers. If you are interested, please submit a short abstract. We will then contact you for more details as we get into the selection process.

The #SQLTrain will run from Portland to Seattle again this year. Travel and network with other Speakers to the PASS Summit. Click for more details.

Selection and notification will occur with more than 30 days advance notice for travel booking purposes.

The SQLSaturday Oregon Leadership Team

  • Track List


    Suggested Topics


    SQL Basics: Object/Data types, Best Practices, Query Plans, Indexing, Maintenance, SSMS/SQLOps/SSDT tips

    Data Science

    Analytics; Machine Learning, Python,  R, R Server, R Services, etc.

    BI Design

    Delivery: Power BI, SSRS, Visualization

    BI Arch/Admin

    Design, ETL, SSIS, EDW

    Cloud Data

    Architecture, Platform, Managed vs. VM, CosmosDb, Azure, AWS, etc.


    Administration: Deploy, Manage, Repair, Server and Database Configuration, HA/DR


    Agile Processes between Dev and Ops


    Development: Tools, Scalability, Query Tuning and Indexing

    Prof Dev

    Career, Skills, Interviewing, Managing, WIT