Jul 8, 2009: Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI)
Introductions to BI and Career Considerations

At the July OSQL-d meeting, there will be two sessions geared toward those interested in learning about, and exploring deeper into the exploding field of Business Intelligence (BI). Please note the new location.

Rachel Dyer:
Challenges to BI Implementations

Rachel will talk about the central challenges to BI implementations. This presentation touches on the human and technical sides of success. She’ll give a brief introduction to BI and illustrate best practices, then cover the specifics of good design –- i.e., how to choose the skill sets, tools and process for a successful implementation. Learn how to cross the IT-Business User chasm and build a successful career in an exploding field.

Rachel is the Vice President of Implementation of On Demand Analysis™, and is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Business School. She has worked in BI for over 10 years.

Arnie Rowland, Paul Turley, Rachel Dyer, Rob Boek, …:
Panel Discussion on Business Intelligence

A Panel discussion covering a free ranging series of questions about why and how developers and data specialists should consider Business Intelligence (BI) in their career and learning plans.

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