Jan 10, 2010: Service Broker

Arnie Rowland:
A Demonstration Using a SQL Server Service Broker Solution

Service Broker helps developers build asynchronous, loosely coupled applications in which independent components work together to accomplish a task. These application components exchange messages that contain the information that is required to complete the task. If you have been intrigued with reading about Service Broker and have been wondering how to put all of the parts together, you will want to see this presentation.

Arnie Rowland is a rare mix of expert developer and gifted database administrator, bringing both sets of skills to better communicate with development teams to create working solutions. Arnie has been designated by Microsoft as a SQL Server MVP, has been a Subject Matter Expert (SME) since SQL Server 2000, and has recently been a SME working on the SQL 2008 Certification Exams. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and has served as adjunct faculty at University, as well as a technical editor for several publishers.

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