Jul 11, 2012: Portland SQL Server MVPs Share Their Passions

(Note: New Meeting Location this Month. Check the registration page for details.)

Portland is fortunate to have five SQL Server MVPs -and that is a high number for any city -except Seattle. This month, four of Oregon’s SQL Server MVPs will each discuss an item that holds their passion. Don’t miss this great meeting.

Kendra Little
Table Structure Matters: All About Heaps

    Do you use heaps in SQL Server? How can heaps impact your query performance and database maintenance? In this 30 minute webcast Kendra Little will show you how heaps behave differently than than tables with clustered indexes in SQL Server. You’ll learn how to identify heaps, how to measure their size, and how to plan a change to convert your heaps to clustered indexes. If you’re a SQL Server developer or database administrator with one year’s experience, this webcast will get you up to speed on the basics of table structures in SQL Server.

Kendra Little (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is all about data, communication, and creativity. Kendra nerds out on SQL Server full time as a founder of Brent Ozar PLF, LLC, a boutique consulting company. She is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server 2008 and a Microsoft MVP. When she’s not blogging, speaking, or performance tuning with clients, Kendra draws cartoon posters about SQL Server– check them out at http://BrentOzar.com/go/posters.

Jeremiah Peschka
Built-in Tuning Tools -Execution plans, STATISTICS IO and STATISTICS TIME

    Tuning queries isn’t a black art – SQL Server provides you with all the information you need to understand what a query is doing. In this session we’ll walk through execution plan basics and other built-in tools to make tuning queries easier.

Jeremiah Peschka (

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