Dec 11: DBA Best Practices: Ensuring Smooth Operations

DBA Best Practices: Ensuring Smooth Operations
Argenis Fernandez
Learn from a seasoned DBA and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) how to make sure your environment is in top shape. We’ll talk about maintenance, monitoring, and tasks that you should carry out regularly and will help. Tons of tips and tricks will be given along the way…with especial emphasis on the things that you should absolutely NEVER do.

    Argenis Fernandez
    Argenis (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is a member of the Database Engineering team at SurveyMonkey based in Redmond, WA. He has worked with SQL Server for over 15 years and enjoys large SQL Server farms, high-end OLTP databases, managing Windows environments, performance troubleshooting, high availability, disaster recovery, following best practices, and PowerShell scripting – along with security topics. Argenis is also a Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server 2008, an avid Twitter user, and occasional blogger on SQL Server topics. More recently, Argenis founded the Security Virtual Chapter for PASS, which he currently leads.
How to create a Dev box in Azure
Andie Letourneau
Frustrated by how long it takes your IT department to deliver a desperately needed dev box to you? Andie will demonstrate how easy and painless it is to create a virtual machine in Azure while taking advantage of benefits included in your MSDN subscription.

    Andie Letourneau
    Andie (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) has been working with SQL Server since the late 1990s as a DBA, Database Developer and most recently a Database Specialist. She has fed her SQL knowledge by attending SQL Pass Summit, SQL Saturday, SQL Intersections, and SQL Cruise Alaska.
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