Oct 8, 2014: Top 5 SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Cloud Features


Scott Klein
Top 5 SQL Server 2014 Hybrid Cloud Features

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 brings to market new capabilities to simplify cloud adoption and help you unlock new hybrid scenarios. This demo-filled session will highlight these features and show how you can use these features to lower your TCO and help manage your mission-critical applications by leveraging the cloud to provide new disaster recovery and backup solutions. In this session we will look at 5 great hybrid scenarios that are made possible by both great new features as well as enhanced features of SQL Server 2014. We’ll not only look how to use and implement these hybrid features, but also look at look at and discuss scenarios around why you would use these hybrid cloud features to expand your on-premises options without adding complexity. We’ll look at how you can easily move workloads from your datacenter to Windows Azure while still maintaining a complete view of your infrastructure with increased proficiency and reduced cost.

Scott Klein Scott (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is a Corporate Technical Evangelist for Microsoft focusing on Windows Azure SQL Database (AKA SQL Azure) and related cloud-ready data services. His entire career has been built around SQL Server, working with SQL Server since the 4.2 days. Prior to Microsoft he was a SQL Server MVP for several years, then followed that up by being one of the first 4 SQL Azure MVPs. Scott is the author of over ½ dozen books for both WROX and APress, including Pro SQL Azure. He can be found talking about Windows Azure SQL Database and database scalability and performance at events large and small wherever he can get people to listen, such as SQL Saturday events, local SQL Server user groups, and TechEd.

Jeff Honsowetz
Basics: Avoiding Orphaned Users on Restoration
Download the SQL scripts here.

In moving databases between servers, one method is to backup and restore the database. In this approach, it is helpful to be aware of steps to avoid orphaned users. We will discuss related topics and look forward to hearing other company best practices.

Jeff Honsowetz Honsowetz, CPA (LinkedIn) Jeff’s career started in accounting and finance and crossed over to IT full time in 2006. He owns a small company called Interject Data Systems in Vancouver WA that has 16 employees and contractors. Their expertise is in process automation and integrations around ERP, budgeting and reporting systems.

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