Mar 11, 2015: Temporal Database Concepts & Application…It’s about time

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Jimmy Lee
Temporal Database Concepts & Application…It’s about time

Databases contain data that tells us something about the real world. Most OLTP databases contain data about how the world looks today, leaving information about yesterday to the realm of data warehouses. The data warehouses often contain years of history, but that data is often not complete. In most cases, that history is based on the best information we have available today, which is generally a good thing. However, what if you want to know what you thought “at the time?” transactions may have been restated, late data feeds processed, or errors corrected in the years that have passed since the data was originally written to the data warehouse. Audit dates may clue you into the fact that the data has changed, but by themselves don’t reconstruct the past. This is where temporal databases come into play. Temporal databases allow you to ask questions about any time period “as-of” any other time period.

In this session, I’ll provide an overview of temporal database concepts and discuss when you should implement them. We’ll go over the impacts these concepts on your data models, database design, and code (whether application code or ETL). Having shown you what a pain this is (which is why it is rarely done), we’ll discuss new extensions to SQL that database vendors are starting to release that make it much easier to both maintain and query temporal data.

Jimmy Lee Jimmy is a data architect and has been focused on data warehouse design for the past 15 years. He has spent most of his career working for medium to large companies in the Portland area. He served on the board for the Portland chapter of DAMA for many years and currently serves on the CIS Advisory Committee for Portland Community College.

Neil Mayfield
SSRS Tips/Tricks and Best Practices

In this session, Neil will share his personal best practices, as well as a few tips and tricks, for working with SQL Server Reporting Services. The talk is aimed at the beginner/intermediate crowd, but he hopes everyone will be able to take something away from the presentation.

Neil Mayfield Neil (LinkedIn ) has been a SQL developer focusing on BI for the past five years.

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