Feb 10, 2016: JSON Support in SQL 2016 and the Microsoft Data Platform

 The slide deck for this session and answers to some questions are below

Peter Petesch
JSON Support in SQL 2016 and the Microsoft Data Platform

JSON is currently one of the most commonly used data exchange formats. Most modern services return information formatted as JSON text; web browsers use information formatted as JSON. JSON is the common format when semi-structured information needs to be stored, such as in files. Because a lot of data is formatted as JSON, it is important to enable SQL Server to process JSON text retrieved from other systems or to format information retrieved from SQL Server tables as JSON text.

JSON functions in SQL Server enable you to query and analyze JSON data as well as transform JSON to relational domains, and relational data to JSON. They allow you to integrate SQL Server with external systems that produce or consume JSON data without additional transformations in the application layer.

SQL Server also provides a hybrid storage model where you can combine relational data and JSON. This model enables you to make trade-offs between high performance data access and flexibility/rapid developments. You can use the same indexing techniques both on standard columns and values in JSON text.

The hybrid model retains all the benefits of the SQL Server engine with fully powerful query language and ACID transactions. It also boasts well-known management and security models, several features that work with JSON functions, and a wide ecosystem of tools compatible with SQL Server.

If your applications can benefit from JSON data exchanges (name/value pairs), don’t miss hearing Peter discussing how Microsoft’s implementation of JSON spreads across its entire Data Platform, including SQL Server, HDInsight, and Azure.

Peter Petesch Peter ( LinkedIn ) is an industry veteran with 23 years with Microsoft and with over 30 years in the IT world including 7 years at IBM. Pete is currently responsible for all Customer Programs for Microsoft’s worldwide SQL Server and Windows Azure. Pete is responsible for driving feedback and product validation working with select customers and engineering teams.

Presentation deck: Portland Users group JSON in SQL 2016

Peter’s answers to a couple of questions asked during the session:

1) relative performance XML vs JSON – we don’t benchmark one feature vs. another, but in general we’re delivering great performance.  There may be environmental factors (e.g. running in lower end VM environment in Azure vs. larger machine on premise). 

2) schema binding capability of XML for strongly typed XML – no comparable capability in JSON which also makes sense – JSON permits early & late binding & greater flexibility, so this isn’t too surprising.

Paul Turley
What’s new in SQL Server Reporting Services?

SQL Server 2016 promises to raise the bar across the product stack spectrum. Our favorite report tools get some love in the next version with a few cool new features, a little polish added to a few existing features and a complete Report Portal overhaul. Join Paul in a work in progress tour of SSRS 2016. Most features in the current CTP are working and stable. Yet a few new capabilities are, shall we say “mostly baked”. We’ll take a look at those as well.

Paul TurleyPaul (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is a Mentor with SolidQ and a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. He consults, writes, speaks, teaches & blogs about business intelligence and reporting solutions. He works with companies around the world to visualize and deliver critical information to make informed business decisions. He is a Director of the Oregon SQL PASS chapter & user group, the lead author of Professional SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services and 13 other titles from Wrox, Packt & Microsoft Press.

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