March 8, 2017: Next Generation Data Warehousing: Speed, Scalability and Agility


1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR

Dave Wells
Next Generation Data Warehousing: Speed, Scalability and Agility

Hadoop, NoSQL, Big Data … with these trends came declarations that the data warehouse is dead. Philip Howard of The Bloor Group proclaimed, “The EDW is dead. Period. Like a dodo. Like Monty Python’s parrot.” He couldn’t have been more wrong! The Enterprise Data Warehouse is alive and well with an important place in complex data ecosystems.

Similar and equally inaccurate proclamations announced, “The relational model is dead. SQL is dead.” The only “dead” in play here is that these guys were dead wrong. NewSQL and a plethora of SQL-on-Hadoop tools emerged on the heels of NoSQL. SQL is strong and healthy. Relational databases are here for the long term. Recent technologies don’t replace the traditional data management toolbox. They simply add some new tools.

The modern data warehouse operates alongside data lakes, master data repositories, and analytic sandboxes. Each has a distinct purpose, and together they serve a continuum of information needs that ranges from query and reporting to advanced analytics. But they must work together — interoperability is a key consideration. Every component of the data ecosystem must be fast, scalable, and agile. The next generation data warehouse has these characteristics while staying true to proven practices of enterprise data integration. Join us to learn how the modern data warehouse is evolving with practices such as:

• The continuing role of SQL and RDBMS in modern data ecosystems
• Data Warehousing in the Cloud and the Elastic Data Warehouse
• SQL on Hadoop for Scale-Out Data Warehousing
• Data Streams and Fast Data Ingestion
• Data Warehouse Automation and Agile Data Warehousing

DaveWells Dave is an advisory consultant, educator, and research analyst dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to business impact. He works at the intersection of information and business, driving value through analytics, business intelligence, and innovation. More than forty years of information management experience combined with over ten years of business management create a unique perspective about the connections among business, information, data, and technology.

Knowledge sharing and skills building are Dave’s passions, carried out through consulting, speaking, teaching, research, and writing. He is a continuous learner – fascinated with understanding how we think – and a student and practitioner of systems thinking, critical thinking, design thinking, divergent thinking, and innovation.Dave fills many roles including independent consultant, instructor and Education Director at eLearningCurve, Research Analyst at Eckerson Group, and faculty member at TDWI.

Download Jazz’s Presentation Material here.

Swagatika Sarangi (Jazz)
Master Data Roadmap (MDS + SSIS)

Targeting at Use Cases on why we need Microsoft’s MDS, DQS, Profisee. I am including a demo on MDS – SSIS conversation via “entity based staging”

Tools used –
SQL Server 2016
Visual Studio

Jazz Jazz is intensely devoted to Data Governance, Master Data Management over past 9 years. Working for clients like GE, Nike, Bloomin’ Brands, J B Hunt, KinderCare Education etc. in delivering their best Master Data solutions.
She is passionate about Northern Lights, Human Brain, Simulation of Universe, and Data.

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