Oct 11, 2017: Auto Documenting Your Servers with Powershell

1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR
6:00PM – 6:30PM social
6:30PM – 8:30PM meeting

Brandon Leach
Auto Documenting Your Servers with Powershell

Keeping documentation up to date is an important but painstaking task. The more servers we manage the more time consuming this task becomes. In this session we will look at how we can use powershell to build out automation to handle this for us. As part of this we will look at the ways in which powershell can interact with SQL Server and the Agent service. We’ll look at the differences between the SMO objects and the invoke-sql cmdlet. We’ll also look at how the Agent service interacts with powershell and point out some gotchas. Then we will tie all this together into an easy to install implementation that will gather the data daily and place it in a database we could report off of.

Brandon Leach Brandon is a Senior DBA and Microsoft Data Platform MVP working for SurveyMonkey. He is deeply passionate about building highly scaleable and well documented solutions.

Jeff Honsowetz
The Latinizer

There are times in our career that we need to work with confidential data outside the barbed wire fence of its origin. To obfuscate confidential data and keep its relevancy is always the challenge. There are tools out there to help but I took it upon myself to create the ‘Latinizer’ as a fun project when I had to sanitize client’s ERP data before taking it offsite. The project will be posted in Github so the community can take it to the next level. Please join me in running through the Latinizer code base and features along with a quick history lesson on the iconic words ‘Lorem Ipsum’.

Jeff Honsowetz Jeff (Blog | LinkedIn | Twitter) is a rogue CPA/accountant disguised as a SQL guy who cares about code literacy for kids, simplifying work, and pondering the next era of spreadsheets. Jeff leads a 20+ person team in Vancouver WA that has built a framework to unlock Excel as a presentation tier for middle tier services. They enable development partners to remove the frustration that typically is found where software ends and spreadsheets begin. Jeff is a committee member for Oregon SQL PASS chapter user group, the annual SQL Saturday event and promotes kids coding events in the area.

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We wish to acknowledge the OSHU Information Technology Group for supporting Oregon SQL by generously providing the meeting venue.

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