March 13, 2019: The PowerShell DBATools Module in Depth

1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR
6:00PM – 6:30PM social | 6:30PM – 8:30PM meeting

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Ben Miller
The PowerShell DBATools Module in Depth

You have heard by now that there is a Not-New module called DBATools. It is on the PowerShell Gallery and has been in development for quite some time now. The necessity of this session is learning how to get started, and how to learn and use all the functions in this great module. We will go through many functions together in real-life scenarios as well as teaching you how to find out what there is in this module. With over 300 commands, it will be an arsenal for your career efforts. Join me for an adventure along the road of DBATools module. You will get the Requirements, Setup and Use of this module in our time together. Join me in the quest to become a PowerShell DBA.

Ben MillerBen has been a member of the SQL Server Community since 1999. He is currently working at MaritzCX revolutionizing the SQL Server environment. He also consults as well. He is a SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) and has spent time in the field using SQL Server since 1997. He has worked at various companies throughout the US as well as at Microsoft for 7 years. He is passionate about SQL Server and automation and integration and uses SMO and PowerShell regularly.


Michael Wall
That Kind of Work (Backups)

Often times backup management is relegated to junior DBAs or (horror!) to the sysadmins of your company. Let’s have a short discussion about why backups are important, how and where we can use them, and why everyone should be willing to do “that type of work.”

Michael WallMichael has been a Database Administrator since he was asked if he wanted to be one after successfully managing the Y2K upgrade project on over fifty UNIX servers. Immediately thrust into a major Oracle upgrade project, he has since then managed multiple challenges and now is the sole DBA for a global food processing company responsible for both SQL Server and Ingres databases.
He made it to PASS Summit for the first time last year and will be presenting at PASS this year for the first time!
He is currently very active in his SQL Server community (PACNW) both as a presenter and assisting with multiple SQL Saturdays. He is busy trying to learn Power BI as fast as possible so he can make a report on how busy he is…

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Refreshments graciously provided by ServerLogic.

We wish to acknowledge the OSHU Information Technology Group for supporting Oregon SQL by generously providing the meeting venue.


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