August 14, 2019: LinkedIn Utilization Tips

1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR
6:00PM – 6:30PM social | 6:30PM – 8:30PM meeting

Max Crismon
LinkedIn Utilization Tips

Having a LinkedIn account and knowing how to use it in the job search are very different things. We as job seekers are trying to figure out what the best tools are in the job search. How are we going to get noticed, how are we going to find that new opportunity? Having a LinkedIn account is more than just a business social media. This tool is the single most used piece of equipment that recruiters and hiring managers use to find their next employee. The question now is, how do I get found by those recruiters and hiring managers? These LinkedIn utilization tips are going to help you get noticed by people who are looking for candidates with your skills.

Max CrismonMax has been in the hiring arena since 2011 either working in business development or recruiting. Most recently as a recruiter for a top recruiting firm in Portland, OR. Over the course of the last year, Max has created two opportunities for job seekers to find employment in the tech or business space. He is the organizer of the meetup group “Get Hired in Tech” which is one of the fastest growing meetups in SW Washington and Portland. While doing that, he has started a career education company called TC Anchor Consulting that is promoted through LinkedIn, Facebook and posts videos and tips on YouTube.


Danny Rehr
The Scale-Up of You

‘The Scale Up of You’ is a personal strategy for improving one’s career or a small business if one is so inclined. Keep in mind, I’m a strategy consultant. Conceptually, scaling up is the positioning for informational interviews. What is scaling up, what are informational interviews, and what does either have to do with anyone (much less Oregon SQL)? In ‘The Scale Up of You’, I relate and define the two activities and bring them together through the lens of strategy, linking resources with opportunities, interaction with others, and articulating one’s personal ambition in a compelling way. The audience should come away with a genuine if not thoughtful reason(s) to explore their personal interests, and have better, more productive interactions at work (or on the job searching trail, or with customers, etc., etc.).

Danny RehrArticulate your strategy to meet your ambition. That’s the mission of Danny Rehr of Rehr Consulting, a strategy consulting firm. An organization development professional with an MBA concentrated in Strategy, he views business and personal ambition through an holistic lens. And Danny’s purpose is supporting those ambitions of others to meet promise and potential. Fittingly, he is heavily involved in the community. An Assistant Organizer for Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare), he support strategy, outreach, branding and sponsorships. His informational interviews of area businesspersons have resulted in 12 research-backed (business strategy; organization development) articles that explore ambition and personal strategy. That effort is on hold while he is engaged in an academic writing collaboration with a Washington State University Vancouver professor. Coffee Talk is his ongoing series of strategy discussions and workshops for area coffee café owners. He volunteers in area high schools and gives talks throughout the region on informational interviewing. Danny loves coffee and fountain pens.

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