July 8, 2020: Polybase – It’s What’s for Dinner

In support of social distancing, Oregon Data Community meetings will be online until further notice.
6:30PM – 8:30PM Pacific

Congratulations to Rosemary Joe, the winner of the June 2020 ODC raffle of a year’s worth of training from Pragmatic Works.

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Michael Wall
Polybase – It’s What’s for Dinner

Polybase is Microsoft’s great new replacement to linked servers. With the current version in SQL Server 2019, one can connect to multiple data sources such as Teradata, Apache, Hadoop, Oracle, and many many more. We will review best practices for setting up Polybase and its Scale-Out groups as well as showing how it interacts in an AlwaysOn Availabilty Group. When Scaling-Out (up!), Polybase is able to work harder and deliver more data. What happens when one of its node disappears? We will have a live demo demonstrating how to manage the Scale-Out group when bad things happen. In addition, the DMVs for managing Polybase will be reviewed, and finally, there will be results of the impact of using multiple nodes in the Scale-Out group on the Polybase queries!

Michael Wall
Michael Wall has been an IT professional going back to when he had his own software store and worked with his customers with their “dose” problems. Originally hired by a small consulting firm to write web pages, he was thrust into the SysAdmin world when their lead consultant changed the passwords of all of the servers at a major pulp and paper company’s systems to 100%s$%t and walked out the door. He was sent down with a copy of UNIX for Dummies and 50 cents for the bus ride back. Fast forward a few years, he was asked if he wanted to be a DBA after successfully managing a fifty server Y2K upgrade. Since then, he’s never looked back and has survived a number of data and system challenges.
When not wrangling cats at home, he currently keeps busy with being active in the SQL Community by presenting and coordinating. He is blessed with a wonderful family and two lazy cats and keeps treading water literally down at the local pool.


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Don Crawford
Big Data in your Personal Life

We have all heard Arnie talk about “Big Data”. This a small demonstration of the “Big Data” at just one of the “ancestry information” vendors.
We will trace ancestry of a volunteer.

Don CrawfordDon Crawford
• Started in “Data Processing” in May, 1969 at $1.25 per hour. RAM (core in this case) was 50 cents per byte.
• Worked at Lane County, Multnomah County, Software ag, Tektronix, CACI, Tektronix, OHSU, LocalDial, Kamind Inc
• Don Crawford and Associates since 1979 (consulting for Providence Health System, Scottsdale Memorial Hospital, Kaiser Connecticut, various Microsoft Partners and more)
• Active in all areas of IT including development, projects and management
• Very interested in making things simpler and easier to repeat
• Off hours: amateur vintage sports car racer; cars, racing, travel, food and wine.


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