Celebrating the leaders that made Oregon Data Community

Consistency is king and change is dangerous, but Oregon Data Community is
Oregon SQL was originally founded over ten years ago by Arnie Rowland.
Since then, there have been many leadership members,
but Vern Rabe and Paul Turley have been on the leadership team for the
longest.  Thanks to the combined efforts of these three gentlemen,
Oregon SQL, now renamed Oregon Data Community, has
continued to be a source of top quality data education,
networking, SQL Saturdays, and just a lot of fun.
At the end of 2019, Arnie stepped down as President, and Vern Rabe took
his place for 2020.  Now, at the end of 2020, Vern is also stepping down in
order to spend more time with his family while still continuing to maintain
his expertise with SQL queries, statistics, and temporal tables!
Paul, in addition to being one of the top speakers on Power BI and Analytics,
is continuing on the leadership team.  Arnie is busily providing both strategic and tactical
direction to countless companies both locally and afar, but he is evolving from the work
he’s done with the user group while still providing mentorship and guidance selflessly
to countless data professionals in the Data Community at large
Oregon Data Community would like to thank the efforts of these three
gentlemen for their tireless (ten SQL Saturdays!)
service to the community and looks forward to all of the additional
contributions they will continue to make to the SQL Family and all the up and coming
data professionals.  Please reach out and let them know how much they are appreciated!
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