April 14th – Data on the (SQL) Edge presented by Rowland Gosling

Welcome to this month’s meeting!  As a member of Oregon Data Community you are also a member of the PNW Data Community!  All of the local data groups are working together, with each of us taking turns hosting the monthly meeting(s)!!!  Yes, meetings!  We will always have our “evening” meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4 PM PST, and a second meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 12 PM PST!!

We are now using Teams!   Link will be published closer to the meeting

In order to encourage questions during the presentation, we want people to use the raise hands option in Teams and not talk over each other. Please be mindful of the other attendees!

We will be starting at 4:00 PM

Schedule (may be fluid):
4:00 – 4:15 PM – Announcements and other information
4:15 PM – 1st Presentation

Our wonderful sponsors are providing gifts each month!

Title: Data at the Edge: IoT, SQL Edge, and Raspberry Pi


It’s a tough world out there and SQL Edge just might be the database you need! Whether it’s sitting inside discrete devices on an oil rig in the Gulf, or flying thousands of feet in the air, SQL Edge can do the hard stuff. Using a Raspberry Pi 4, I’ll be going through the setup, installation, and testing of SQL Edge including the Azure components.

A little bit about Rowland:

Azure Data, Analytics and AI geek in learn-it-all mode. I’ve worked in appdev, infrastructure, and the data disciples during my career. My focus for the last 20 years has been focused on all aspects of data and most recently – AI/ML.

In addition to Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform and SQL Server, my work has included other platforms such as IBM Mainframes, Oracle, Postgres, MySql and many other products/technologies.

Here’s Rowland!!!


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