September 14th – Enter the Quantum Sphere!!!

Welcome to the September 14th 2022 online meeting!  Covid restrictions are lifting and a return to in-person meetings may take shape in the coming months.  Until then, we all continue to operate monthly online meetings through the PNW collaborative facilitated by the Oregon Data Community.  A number of NW local data user groups are working together to help shoulder the load over covid, hosting regular online monthly meetings for all members.  The collaborative will always have the regular OR Data Community “evening” meeting date/time on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4 PM PST, and if possible a second meeting on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 12 PM PST!

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In order to encourage questions during the presentation, please use chat which will be monitored and/or use the raise hands option in Teams.  Please be mindful of the other attendees and mute your mic!

We will be starting at 4:00 PM

Schedule (may be fluid due to discussions and Q/A):
4:00 – 4:15 PM – Announcements and other information
4:15 PM – Presentation

Our wonderful sponsors are providing gifts each month!


Title: Enter the Quantum Sphere

Abstract: For several years now, Quantum Computing has been quite the hype. The word alone feels like peeking into a future where old rules of computing do not hold any longer. But in what ways does quantum computing differ from classical computing? When asking this simple question to the experts, simple answers seem to be hard to get. And thus it is very hard for the IT professional to understand, how close the ground-breaking technology that might turn IT upside down really is. With Q#, Microsoft has published a programming language for writing code for quantum computers, but how close or far away are quantum computers after all? Is this science fiction or will it soon be reality? In our session we aim at giving an understandable introduction to quantum computing – focusing on areas where it might affect all of us who are working with data. Apart from the base technology, we will try to convey the current state of the technology and give the audience an idea, if and how they might be affected by quantum computing.

Bio: Frank Geisler

GDS Business Intelligence GmbH

Microsoft MVP (verified)

Frank Geisler is owner and CEO of GDS Business Intelligence GmbH. He is Data Platform MVP, MCT, MCSE – Business Intelligence, MCSE – Data Plattform and MCSE – Azure Solutions Architect. In his Job he is building Business Intelligence Systems based on Microsoft Technology, mainly on SQL Server and SharePoint and he is also building Azure Infrastructures and Architectures with PowerShell.

Bio: Benjamin Kettner

CTO ML!PA Consulting GmbH

Dr. Benjamin Kettner is co-founder and CTO of ML!PA Consulting GmbH. He received his PhD in applied mathematics from Freie Universität Berlin in 2012. At the time of his PhD, he was a member of the DFG Research Center Matheon – Mathematics for Key Technologies and a member of the Computational Nano Optics group at the Zuse Institute Berlin.

During his PhD and studies he was involved in software development and programming as well as databases and data models. After his PhD, he worked as a consultant at a Microsoft BI partner, where he was a technical project manager and also led the research and development department and worked as a software architect. In 2015, he founded ML!PA Consulting GmbH, a Microsoft partner focused on advanced analytics, Internet of Things and cloud solutions. There he serves as CTO and software architect, conceptualizing, developing and designing customer solutions. In 2017, ML!PA Consulting GmbH was one of only four Microsoft Partner of the Year finalists in the Internet of Things sector. Dr. Benjamin Kettner is active in the Microsoft Data Platform Community, leads the regional group Berlin of PASS Deutschland e.V. and frequently appears as author of blog posts and scientific articles and speaker at technical events.



Here’s Frank and Ben!!


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