February 15th, 2023 in PERSON in Vancouver – Leveraging DevOps to Test Data Pipelines

Welcome to the February 15th, 2023 HYBRID meeting!

We are once again meeting in person in Vancouver, WA at the downtown Columbia Bank in their Community Room!

You may have noticed a change in date, we are now meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month once again at 6:00 PM PST.  We will have snacks and networking before the main meeting.

But… we will continue to operate monthly online meetings through the PNW collaborative facilitated by the Oregon Data Community.  Due to this, you will be able to attend the meeting remotely and we are definitely open to remote speakers.

Please use Meetup to RSVP for the event.


In order to encourage questions during the presentation, please use chat which will be monitored and/or use the raise hands option in Teams.  Please be mindful of the other attendees and mute your mic!

We will be starting at 6:00 PM PST

Schedule (may be fluid due to discussions and Q/A):
6:00 – 6:30 PM – Snacks/Announcements/Networking
6:30 PM – Presentation

Our wonderful sponsors are providing gifts each month!


Title: Leveraging DevOps to Test Data Pipelines

Abstract:  This talk will take the audience through a real work example of utilizing standard DevOps practices to build and effect solution for standing up and testing changes to an existing pipeline.


Bio: Jack De Winter has been in the software industry for 32 years, the last 13 of which he has been employed as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET).  He has worked for large companies like SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as a couple of small startups.  He currently works as a DevOps Architect at 3Cloud Solutions where he uses his SDET powers to help assess clients and their pain points as well as creating plans and implementing those plans for clients.


Fun Facts:

  • Jack came down to this talk from Everett, WA by Amtrak.  Getting Jack to take a train took 0.005 seconds of convincing.
  • In the early 90s, Jack wrote one of the first three SMTP servers for Windows, which was marketed by Bothell’s Seattle Labs.
  • Through his career, Jack has had lengthy discussions with the authors of C (Kernighan and Ritchie), Java (Gosling), and C#(Hejlsberg).
  • In “his youth”, Jack used to work and play board with two of the members of the Bell Labs 25, the parents of the internet.
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