Dec 8, 2010: Social and Speaker Challenge

On December 8th, in the spirit of the holidays, we will do something a little different. We will have a social and networking event, complete with brews and snacks (not just pizza). This will be a great opportunity to meet with and chat with other folks working with SQL Server.

There will also be a presentation challenge. You are invited to submit a proposal for a five (5) minute presentation on some aspect of working with SQL Server. We will select up to ten (10) presentations for the evening. What you present is really up to your imagination. Make it fun and informative. Talk about a success -or even a failure. Make the audience laugh. The audience will vote on each presentation, judging both informational ‘worth’ and entertainment value, and the winner will receive a $100 gift card in appreciation. Sign up NOW.

It’s easy to talk for five minutes; take this opportunity to tune up your presentation skills -and have a chance to earn a nice gift.

Since this is a special holiday meeting, we ask that you consider contributing to the cost of the food and drinks -however most of the cost will be covered by sponsors. Any excess contributions will be delivered to the Oregon Food Bank to help deserving folks have a better holiday. (NOTE: Contributions are optional.)

We will be meeting at Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell Blvd. (Perhaps we can arrange carpooling for those using public transportation.)

We had a great session last Month (Nov 17th), presented by Victor Isakov, from Sidney, Australia. I’m sure that several of you were not overly pleased to experience the heavy rains and ensuing chaotic traffic snarls, and disappointed that you didn’t make it. Victor’s presentation materials are available on his website: Victor may be able to join us at the December social meeting.

Also, we are re-evaluating the food offerings at meetings, looking for alternatives to pizza. If you have suggestions, and/or experience with other ‘take-out’ food options, please let me know. We are not trying to re-invent the wheel, so to speak; we are seeking specific suggestions.

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