Jan 12, 2011: Silent Installs & Temporal Data

(Due to scheduling issues, Tim Ford had to cancel his trip to Portland.)

Sopheap Suy: Silent Installs

    Sopheap will explain and demonstrate her scripts that allow unattended installation of SQL Server instances. She will start up a silent installation, and then after Rob’s presentation, she will review the successful installation. In her words “Why sit and wait for SQL Server to install when you could spend this precious time living the life you always wanted? I have discovered that a simple script can save a lot of time, and consistently configured my server the way I like it.” Sopheap will IF you would like to be able to automate SQL Server installations, don’t miss this session.

    Sopheap Suy is a SQL Server Developer at WebMD with 14 years in SQL Server Database technologies. She enjoys making things run better and faster. She is passionate about SQL Server technologies and always looking for ways to learn and share her knowledge. She is actively involved in local PASS chapter that cover SQL Server Development, Administration, and Data Architecture.

Rob Garrison: Temporal Data

    One of the most significant and interesting up-and-coming database technologies is temporal databases. This session will introduce you to the concepts and power of temporal databases. Using examples based on Teradata’s implementation of temporal, you will leave with a good understanding of what temporal is, what it offers, and how you could use it in the future.

    This will not be an academic exercise. We will use real examples and talk about Microsoft’s ongoing research into this feature.

    Rob Garrison is a data architect at WebMD in Portland, Oregon specializing in OLTP and DW design and development. He has over twenty years of IT experience, with over ten years in database development and architecture. Prior to WebMD, Rob spent eight years at Corillian.

Future Meetings

February 9, 2011 : Mark Simms, Introducing Stream Insight

    Introducing Microsoft StreamInsight: SQL Server 2008 R2 StreamInsight makes it possible to build event driven applications that process huge volumes of data in near real-time. In this session we will explore how to use StreamInsight to implement typical event processing patterns. We will provide a “code along” walkthrough and illustrate common data access and query patterns. These will cover scenarios across a range of industry scenarios in an interactive format.

March 9, 2009: Buck Woody, MS Azure Team

    “The Cloud” – great – another buzzword. What is “the cloud”, and what are the differences between the vendors that provide it? Where can I use it? What is it for? Buck Woody, Microsoft’s Distributed Computing expert here in the Pacific Northwest will help unravel the terms, provide the use cases, and discuss the technologies behind this new/old way of computing. Systems and Data Architects, senior developers and technical managers will gain knowledge and resources they can use immediately to put Distributed Computing to work for their projects right away.

April 13, 2011 Getting a Handle on Chaos

    (more details coming)

OSQL-d Website

    We’re looking for someone knowledgeable to help transition the OSQL-d website to WordPress (currently DotNetNuke). The needs are relatively simple; announcements, blogs, newsletter and mail list management, including subscribe/unsubscribe, and event registration (similar to Eventbrite). It seems like there are WordPress plugins that could meet our needs. We need guidance and help putting it all together. If you have some time, and would be interested in helping, please let me know.

Speaker Challenge

    We plan to extend the Speaker Challenge and provide more opportunities for you to make a short presentation. Plan now on taking the plunge and sharing some of your skills and expertise with the group. More details to come.


    Oregon SQL –developers User Group is growing. We have opportunities for you to help us. And maybe you see a potential need that we are not addressing. We invite you to join as a volunteer in helping make the meeting and events even more exciting and useful for folks that choose to give their time and effort to attend. If you would like to volunteer to help make OSQL-d even better, let us know.

We wish to acknowledge Robert Half Technologies for supporting Oregon SQL by generously sponsoring the meeting venue.

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