Jan 11, 2012: The Things You Don’t Think About; and NOLOCK

The January meeting returns to KOIN Center..

Rob Vieira
The Things You Don’t Think About

    As SQL developers, we spend a lot of time thinking about performance. We read articles on how to best index. We make trial runs and analyze them using Show Plan. We read still other articles on using views, versus functions, versus stored procs. We learn patterns to write the most maintainable code. The list goes on…. But what about the things we don’t think about?

    From DMV’s to lesser talked about new features, SQL Server has all sorts of things going on that we all too often either don’t know or don’t think about. In this session, we’ll take a somewhat random stroll around SQL Server features and topics that you may not know about, or may simply have not thought about in a while, and examine what they mean to your code maintainability or performance.

Rob Vieira is the author of Beginning AND Professional SQL Server Programming (Wrox Press). Rob experienced his first infection with computing fever in 1978 and knew right away that this was something “really cool.” In 1980 he began immersing himself in the computing world more fully — splitting time between building and repairing computer kits, and programming in Basic as well as Z80 and 6502 assembly. In 1983, he began studies for a degree in Computer Information Systems, but found the professional mainframe environment too rigid for his tastes, and dropped out in 1985 to pursue other interests. Later that year, he caught the “PC bug” and began the long road of programming in database languages from dBase to SQL Server.

Rob completed a degree in Business Administration in 1990, and since has typically worked in roles that allow him to combine his knowledge of business and computing. Beyond his Bachelor’s degree, he has been certified as a Certified Management Accountant as well as Microsoft Certified as a Solutions Developer (MCSD), Trainer (MCT), and Database Administrator (MCDBA). Rob is currently the DBA Team Lead for the Stockamp practice of The Huron Consulting Group in Portland, Oregon, and makes occasional speaking appearances on database development, business intelligence, and other topics. He resides with his youngest daughter Adrianna (aka Addy, aka Trillian, aka “T”) in Vancouver, WA.

Kendra Little
There’s Something About NOLOCK

    The NOLOCK hint: we all use it some of the time. Some of us use it *all* of the time. Kendra Little will show three phenomena which will cause you to think differently about NOLOCK. Along the way she will demonstrate strategies for examining locks suitable for estimating the impact of code changes.

Kendra Little is all about data, communication, and creativity. Kendra is a founder at Brent Ozar PLF, LLC, where she specializes in high availability and performance tuning. She is a Microsoft Certified Master in SQL Server– the highest technical SQL Server Certification available. Those cartoons in her blog posts and slide decks? She draws ’em all.

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Last Meeting

    You will find the session materials and a link to the recording on Last Month’s announcement page. (Note: There is an echo for much of the recording, but it still should be a useful resource.)

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