Dec 12: Data Warehouse Administration and Intro to NoSQL

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ron Talmage
Database Administration for Data Warehouses
This talk focuses on some lessons and insights gained from applying DBA practices to relational data warehouses. Scenarios include server design and storage, scale-out and failover strategies, working with Architecture and ETL Teams, separation of user work from the physical data, and managing security with schemas and views. Level: Intermediate, assumes relational DBA experience.

Ron Talmage is a database consultant living in Seattle. He is a mentor and co-founder of SolidQ; a SQL Server MVP; and Chapter Leader of the PASS Seattle area SQL Server User Group (PNWSQL). His contributions to the SQL Server world include authoring and co-authoring several books, numerous SQL Server articles, and several white papers.

Manoj Agarwal
NoSQL: Introduction and Overview
The talk aims at giving a thorough introduction and overview of the NoSQL databases by assembling information dispersed among blogs, wikis and articles. We will first discuss the reasons, rationales and motives for the development and usage of nonrelational database systems. Then we will talk about fundamental concepts, techniques and patterns that are commonly used by NoSQL databases to address consistency, partitioning, storage layout, querying, and distributed data processing.

Manoj works as a Product Architect for Fiserv in Portland OR, where he is involved in designing and developing a multi-tenant online banking platform. He has 16 years of industry experience, out of which he spent about 8 years working in BizTalk Server and Windows Azure product teams at Microsoft. He holds MCITP (database development), MCPD and various MCTS certificates; and occasionally participates in Microsoft certification exam development.

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