June 14, 2017: Surviving Success: Performance Tuning Under Pressure

Download the Temp Table and Table Variables presentation material here.

1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR

Mark Simms
Surviving Success: Performance Tuning Under Pressure

Rapid and runaway success is the best way to expose all of the gaps, rough edges and pain points in your back end services. Under live-site pressure to fix issues, making the crucial set of engineering choices and investments can be challenging. This session will take a hands-on walk through scaling a representative back-end application (written in .NET Core and Docker on Linux) from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of requests per second, illustrating data, techniques, and common performance barriers from real customer deployments

Mark Simms Mark is an architect on the Azure Customer Advisory Team, focused on architecture and implementation patterns for services at scale, containers and serverless applications. Prior to joining Microsoft, Mark was the CTO of a mobile application startup, working on everything from embedded digital design to live site operations for a SaaS platform.


Vern Rabe
Temp Tables & Table Variables

You may have heard that temp tables are better than table variables for larger data sets. Or that table variables don’t have statistics. Or that table variables are outside of transaction scope. Or that temp tables and table variables log to the transaction log like permanent tables do. We’ll look at these in a little more detail, and maybe even dispel a myth or two in this short session.


Vern is an independent SQL Server consultant and contract trainer in Portland, OR. He has attained MCSE, MCITP (both Administration and Development), and MCT certifications, among others. Vern has been working with databases since 1992, and has worked with SQL Server since version 4.21a. He provides broad technical SQL Server skills gained from the mixture of academic and practical experiences acquired from his classroom instructing and varied consulting contracts.

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We wish to acknowledge the OSHU Information Technology Group for supporting Oregon SQL by generously providing the meeting venue.

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