July 12, 2017: SCD Type 2 in Master Data Management (Microsoft MDS vs. Informatica Data Director)

Download the SCD Type 2 in Master Data Management presentation material here.

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Swagatika Sarangi (Jazz)
SCD Type 2 in Master Data Management (Microsoft MDS vs. Informatica Data Director)

This demo will focus on, making your design for an extremely fault-tolerant system when it comes to dealing with SCD type 2 dimension in MDM design. In this section, we will be focusing on Incremental Inferred flag logic implementation for Slowly Changing Dimensions Type – 2 handling in Master Data Services, Dim tables and Fact Tables. Other than showing SSIS incremental SCD logic implementation design, I plan on showing end UI for two Master Data Products –
1. MDS Web UI – For Microsoft Product Users
2. Informatica Data Director – For Informatica MDM hub users
Tools Used:
• SQL Management Studio 2017
• Visual Studio 2015
• Master Data Service 2016

    Jazz is intensely devoted to Data Governance, Master Data Management over past 9 years. Working for clients like Kinder Care Education, GE, Nike, Bloomin’ Brands, J B Hunt etc. in delivering their best Master Data solutions.
    She is passionate about Northern Lights, Human Brain, Simulation of Universe, and Data.

Arnie Rowland
Life-Work Balance –Keeping Healthy

Working in technology, on computers, in software, creates havoc in our lives. Most often, the rewards are substantial, both in pay and satisfaction. We do good work, we earn our keep. But just as often, there is a heavy price that we pay; a price that creeps up on us little by little, day by day.

We get lost in cyberspace, forget time and responsibilities. We overeat, often eating to compensate. We eat too much junk food and drink too much high calorie liquids. We don’t exercise as much as we like to tell ourselves. We don’t give as much time to our families, our loved ones, as they would like. We spend too much of our non-working time still enveloped in technology.

In this discussion, you won’t hear an ‘answer’, you won’t get a solution, and you won’t get absolution. But you will be challenged to consider the long term effects of your current patterns. You will be urged to confront your choices, you will be nudged to question your path.

And just maybe, along the way, you’ll pick up a new way of approaching how you make priorities.

    Arnie Rowland
    Arnie is a long serving Microsoft SQL Server MVP (10 years), has been a Subject Matter Expert (SME) working on SQL Server training courses since version 2000, and has been involved as a SME with the development of the SQL Server Microsoft Certification Exams. Arnie has also been a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and has served as a technical editor for several publishers, including multiple SQL Server titles in the Microsoft Official Curriculum. Arnie has served as adjunct faculty at both University and Community College. Clients include Fortune 500 and Multi-National companies, Federal and State agencies, Foreign governments, nationally recognized training facilities, and local enterprises –both public and private.

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