February 12, 2020: Moving to Python for a SQL Developer

1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR
6:00PM – 6:30PM social | 6:30PM – 8:30PM meeting

Andrew Kalik
Python: Turn your SQL ETL up to 11

Almost everywhere you look in the data community you see Python being used (job-postings, Azure Services, AWS Service etc…). But what is Python, and why has it become such a popular tool for Data Professionals? During this discussion we will talk about what is Python, why is it being used so heavily, what benefits it provides, and what is in store for future uses of Python. There will be demos using Jupyter Notebooks doing data analysis, importing data into database (ETL), and light visualization.

Andrew KalikI am currently a contractor at The Greenbrier Companies as a Data Engineer on the Systems Modernization Team. Over the last ten years or so I have worked as a Data Engineer and Systems Analyst. I have been a member of Oregon Data Community for a few years now, and would like to start giving back through presenting and sharing knowledge in other ways.


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Refreshments graciously provided by ServerLogic.

Khanh Pham
Automating Data Validation with NBi

When data is traveling to stage to stage of data warehouse, we need to have confidence especially detecting abnormal when upstream data changed. How would ones can have a solution that would created once and applies to many phrases and environments? In this session, we’ll start with an overview of test automation with an extention of NUnit in a BI project. There’ll be many examples.

Khanh Pham Education: Graduated from OIT back in ’97 and have been working various roles that was NOT hired for. My current role is Quality Analyst, and it is the only role that I was hired for in the last 2 years, maybe it has to do with contracting. I have been working with data since ’98, starting w/ Sybase then moved to Oracle in 2000. Since 2009 I have been working on MS SQL Server both on back end and reporting.
On-going: After working many years on the data side, I want to head to BI space because we can tell better story w/ data.
Hobbies: outdoor, travel, teaching and has been volunteer w/ organizations that serve kids since ’96.
Why am I doing this? As Arnie usual says give back to community which I learn so much since I switched to SQL Server from Oracle. I have been wondering about data testing and I have seen only a session about on the topic. I hope this presentation will get some interest discussion.

We wish to acknowledge the OSHU Information Technology Group for supporting Oregon SQL by generously providing the meeting venue.


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