March 11, 2020: The Challenge of Ethical Artificial Intelligence

1515 SW 5th Ave. Suite 900, Portland, OR
6:00PM – 6:30PM social | 6:30PM – 8:30PM meeting

Arnie Rowland
The Challenge of Ethical Artificial Intelligence

As more and more Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) impacts our lives, some voices are raising valid questions regarding Ethics and these technologies. Both AI and ML are initially created by humans, and reflect the predilections, biases, preferences, and even goals of the creators, and of the organizations that employ them. Often critical algorithms are deeply obfuscated, sometimes under the guise of ‘Trade Secrets’. What are the decision points that guide data acquisition and impact outcomes? How do we, as a society, ensure that software, and products controlled by software, have our, and societies’ best interest at a high enough level of concern? How do we, as creators, designers, abettors, and enablers of AI/ML ensure that our self-interest is aligned with the goals of society? How do we prevent ourselves from being unwitting dupes in unleashing products with intended or accidental nefarious impacts?
This discussion should leave you with many questions to explore, both for your own edification as a data professional, and many questions to engage with in your organization as AI/ML projects are considered.

Arnie RowlandArnie is a Microsoft Data Platform (and SQL Server) MVP (for 14 years), a Subject Matter Expert (SME) working on SQL Server training courses and the development of the Microsoft Certification Exams. He was a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over a decade, and has served a technical editor for several publishers, including multiple SQL Server titles in the Microsoft Official Curriculum, and has served as adjunct faculty at both University and Community College. Clients include Fortune 500 and Multi-National companies, Federal and State agencies, foreign governments, nationally recognized training facilities, and local enterprises –both public and private.

Arnie is a Senior Moderator on the MSDN and TechNet SQL Server related Forums, a founding member of the TechNet Wiki Governing Council, founder of the Oregon SQL User group (now the Oregon Data Community), and has been a lead facilitator for SQLSaturday Oregon for the past eleven years.


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Brandon Leach

Testing your assumptions: Building and executing a proper test plan

Testing is about more than just letting something bake. It’s about validating our assumptions getting more certainty about what will happen when we do something. Yet very few dbas seem to have any sort of defined process for testing. In this session we are going to show you how to build a proper testing plan and document your results. This will help you and management to better understand the benefits and risk of a particular solution.

Arnie RowlandBrandon is a Senior DBA and Microsoft Data Platform MVP working for financial company “x”. He is deeply passionate about building highly scalable and well documented solutions.

Refreshments graciously provided by ServerLogic.

We wish to acknowledge the OSHU Information Technology Group for supporting Oregon SQL by generously providing the meeting venue.


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